Google Business Profile Optimization 2022

Hey there my name is chris palmer in today's 
google my business google business profile   video what i'd like to share with you is the 
three levels of spam and their indicators   so recently i've been going through the process 
of verifications for numerous businesses and what   i've came across is different specific types 
of changes within your google business profile   or google my business profile manager what you're 
doing inside of there will drastically change the   verification process now why this information 
is useful is because this can be utilized when   knowing hey if i go in there and i change and i 
wrote down as i was going through it what was the   most important what was it important if i'm going 
in there and i'm changing say or making an event   this will make the verification red it will 
go into pending red if i go in and i change oh   what's new or i make a post that's what's new it 
will switch to orange now if i go in and i add a   product again it stays at orange now if i were 
to go ahead and add in the year that were open   it'll switch to blue we're talking about the 
pending color verification now again these   particular metrics are telling me hey this 
particular action is less trusted than this action   and this trusted is more this action is more 
trusted than these actions but you're probably   wondering chris what are you talking about yellow 
orange red blue what exactly are you talking about   so let me go ahead and share with you first and 
foremost the actions in which i am going ahead   and discussing with you now and first and foremost 
when i when i say an event when you come inside of   your posts you have multiple options in order 
to go ahead and create different things now the   coven 19 is another one that will turn it blue if 
you take the time to go in you'll get a pending   verification blue this is a trusted signal this 
means to me that this is something trusted this   is something that will give us a boost alongside 
of that if i come in here and i create an event   events were turning bright red if you go right in 
create an event it turns bright red but as we know   as it's verified an event is a very powerful thing 
to keep running and send your posts to inside of a   post silo that's where we're daisy chain or 
linking them together up to the event it's   like we're passing link power up to the event the 
event is a powerful feature but when you're first   launching out a brand new google my business 
profile inside of your manager it's definitely   considered a spammier action it will turn your 
pending verification bright red alongside of   that when we're talking about year open the year 
open is located inside of your information details   these information details i played around with 
these not in this account but inside of a new   account i'm just showing you in my personal 
verified account where i never mess around at   this is open here you want to go ahead and add 
these details this will turn your details blue   alongside of that adding any types of images 
again we'll turn it blue now let me go ahead   and share with you exactly what i'm talking about 
so i went ahead and i laid these out as it was   happening because i was playing around with them 
i'm adding events i'm taking them away i'm adding   something that's red and then going in there 
and changing the address or the open date and   it would make it blue and i'm like okay so this 
is a trusted signal this is an untrusted signal   these are things that i know when i'm verified 
can definitely move the needle alongside of   that i want to go ahead and share with you exactly 
what i mean so this is your pending verifications   so this is your as you can see inside of 
here i went ahead so you have your yellows   or orange i'm sorry that's an orange this one 
here was a reddish uh yellow color and then i i   thought i had the other one too but it looks like 
i had the blue and i must have screened out the   yellow but there's three separate colors that's my 
mistake but with that being said i wanted to point   out these particular things so you know for future 
reference whether you're doing verifications   whether you're creating posts or events or adding 
dates whatever you're doing try to stick to these   particular elements here so again events these 
are ones that i noticed no matter what the   change it up events make it bright red as you're 
verified this is a strong signal what's new all   right this turns orange so not as strong as an 
event but what's new is definitely a plus signal   products go orange so adding products is 
orange not that strong but definitely a signal   on top of that your open turns bright blue this 
that tells me that this is something that you   need to be there it's a neutral it's not going 
to hurt you it's not a bonus but it definitely   is something that you need to have there 
and last but not least adding in your images  google business profile now this is going to wrap up today's video 
if you have any questions related to other   actions please ask in the section below and i 
always look forward to seeing you in the next   google business profile google my business 
seo video i'll see you then have a good day.

Google My Business Local SEO With Chris Palmer.

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