How To Reclaim An Existing Google My Business Profile [Google Business Profile 2022 Update]

okay let's say you just bought a business or you took over the marketing from another person or agency but you can't get into the google business profile and it's really important how you show up on google search and maps how are you gonna do it well in today's video i'm going to show you exactly how stay tuned [Music] hey everyone it's brian kaplan here with the bigger better biz community where i equip you with the tools and know how to grow that bigger better small business i just got a really good question on one of our youtube videos and someone just purchased another company they bought another roofing company however they can't get in touch with the former owner of the google business profile so how the heck are they going to get in i'm going to show you so you see right here i'm actually on the depend on dakota page and i searched for depend on dakota team and found the google business profile right here now i'm signed in in a google account that does not manage this profile we've been working with them for years but here we go i'm going to click on own this business here's what happens now it says okay this business profile has already been claimed and it starts telling you the beginning of the email address so if i just kind of zoom in a little bit you can see the business profile has already been verified by br that's me but still da da da it doesn't tell you the full email address it just gives you the first couple letters if you own the email address you can sign into your account otherwise we can go back here and click on request access now this is going to send kind of like a form it's going to send a form via google and it's going to be a notification to the owner of the business profile that says this person is requesting access now since we at brian kaplan marketing manage hundreds of business profiles we see these requests coming all the time sometimes they're legitimate sometimes and most of the time they're not so you want to be really careful when you're accepting one of these in this case i'm going to say okay share your info with a current owner sure what level of access management or ownership so if you are another agency that's trying to get access you could click on management if you're the owner of the business and in this case the roofing company bought another roofing company they own it we'll click on owner what's your relationship to the business owner employee agency i'll say agency pop in your name make sure it's a name that they recognize your phone number so i'll put in our phone number here your agency name brian kaplan marketing and then i click on submit so google now has sent an ownership request to the owner of the profile now in this case it's me so it's kind of silly it's just going in a circle but this is what would happen for the roofing company the previous owner of the business profile would receive an email now that owner has some options first off that owner of the business profile could say sure accept makes total sense this is the new owner of the profile and give access or that owner could reject well if they reject sometimes i've seen this happen where it was an employee or a former agency or marketing team that set up the profile left on bad terms and now they're just saying not gonna happen in that case you can go and you can appeal and you can go through google support we don't cover that in today's video the third option is that the previous owner of the business profile could just ignore it now usually they get an email like this they ignore it unless you told them or let them know this is coming from google please accept in that case if they do choose to ignore the request from google what you're going to do is you're going to wait give it seven days and then go back in go through this process again this time you should be able to claim the profile if you run into issues maybe google makes you wait a little bit longer that's okay try it again the next seven days by 14 days 14 calendar days you should i'm pretty darn confident you should be able to claim your profile now you'll have full access you'll be able to manage it and make sure when you get in that you remove any past owners or managers that are not currently in your company you don't want people playing with how you show up on google search and maps so again my name is brian kaplan from the bigger better biz community hope this helped until next time stay well stay healthy stay happy here's your success you

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